Membership And Range Fees

Membership and Range Fee Structure

The cost of range usage is broken up into the following categories depending on the activity you want to do;

Competition Daily Range Fees (For Non – Para Members)

Perfect for anyone wishing to give target shooting a go.
Air Rifle                         Contact the section captain for details.
Rifle Matches               $  5.00 (Paid to the canteen) + nomination (usually $2.00 paid to the section)
Pistol Matches             $  5.00 (Paid to the canteen) + nomination (usually $2.00 paid to the section)
Shotgun Matches        $ 10.00 / per round, (Paid to the canteen) + nomination (usually $2.00 paid to the section)
  • People are welcome to come and try the different competitions offered at Para.
  • Qualified Range Officers are present to supervise.
  • Club firearms are available in most sections for new shooters to try the sport and or conduct license training.  Please contact the section captain or Club Secretary so the relevant equipment can be organized.
  • Please contact the relevant section captain or Club Secretary for more information.
SSAA Moonta, SSAA Whyalla and SSAA Adelaide Muzzle Loading and Black Powder Club have reciprocal rights to shoot in competitions and will only need to pay the section nomination fee.

Some sections who are affiliated with other shooting organizations may have additional costs. Please contact the section captain to see if it applies to the discipline you are interested in.

Daily Range Fee (General Practice – Sighting in rifles for Non Para Members)

Perfect for people who want to sight in a couple of rifles before their next hunting trip

Adult                              $50.00
Junior  (Under 18) $5.00

Note: Club firearms are not available for general sighting in.

We ask that after your first visit to SSAA Para that you become a member of the Sporting Shooters Association of Australia (SSAA) as this will cover your insurance. Click here for a SSAA application form.

SSAA members are entitled to use the range facility a maximum of four times in a year before we ask you to join SSAA Para. For more information about SSAA please click here or how to join Para please click here.

Please note that both the daily range fee and the competition fee are not applicable to people participating in National / State or interclub shoots held at Para as they have a separate nomination cost.

SSAA Farm Assist Prorgam

SSAA Para offers SSAA Members the opportunity to gain accreditiaon to the SSAA Farm Assist Prorgam.  Thes cost of the accredition is $5.00, which includes 5 shots and the accredition. Please contact the canteeen on 8289 69 18 to confirm that range space is avalible and an RO is present to sign off on the accredition.
If a longer practice/general sighting in/load development is also required then the general range fee will apply.

SSAA Para Membership

Perfect for anyone wanting to use the facilities more frequently, or undertake licence training for club use.
Full Member $280.00 + SSAA Membership
Pensioner $211.00 + SSAA Membership
Student $211.00 + SSAA Membership
Family $65.00 + SSAA Membership
Junior (Under 18) $15.00 + SSAA Membership  SSAA SA will pay for junior membership, please contact the club secretary.

Family members must be living at the same address as a Full or Pensioner member.
Pensioner and Student Cards are to be present when paying the membership.

Members wishing to pay in instalments are to contact to the club secretary to arrange a plan to suit your financial needs.
  • The range is open to shoot every day of the year excluding Christmas day and the morning of ANZAC day.
  • Firing points may be limited on some ranges during competition days or have restrictions in place. Please look through the range programmes to see if it may affect you.
  • Members dont need to pay daily range fees for general sighting in.
  • Please speak to the section regarding nominations fees for matches (nomination fees cover the costs of targets, bbqs ect). 
  • Sighting in of Centerfire rifle is not to be done during rimfire field rifle / 3P matches. Please look through the range programme for details.
For any questions please contact the club secretary via email