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50m Range Upgrade

The 50m Range upgrade is progressing well. The mound has been adjusted and the new turning target system is now going in. The new range will increase our range capacity by moving some of our pistol and rifle matches from the main range and 1st pistol range and onto the 50m range. The goal is to have the 50m range ready prior to the Gallery Rifle Nationals in May 2020. 


We are now in the process of cladding the walls of the storage rooms and the front of the turning target system. Rather than using a wooden material, we have moved towards using a wood plastic composite decking material, that was provided by Advanced Plastic Recycling, which is a local company located in Kilburn. SSAA Para has had a history of wood rot and white ants damaging our timber structures. However, this recycled plastic timber composite will give us a longer life asset while still providing environmental benefits by recycling and removing plastic from landfill.  

Next time you are on the main range, you will also notice that the baffle legs are also starting to be cladded in this wood plastic composite material, which also gives it a nice timber finish. 

More information about this product can be found on their website.

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