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Update on SSAA Para Memberships during the COVID-19 Range Closure (10/04/2020)

To all Para Members and Perspective Para Members with in applications in progress,

Who would have thought that range is now silent with the sound of gun fire after 50 years of shooting activities! However, the club is still operating in the background, with administration and maintenance activities still being completed (within the directives of SAPOL) so that we will be ready to reopen when given the green light.

Membership Renewals

Over recent weeks, many members have asked about club memberships. Under the instructions from Firearms Branch, members are still require to maintain a financial membership for purpose of use one (club use) on their licence. However, SAPOL have given a grace period between March and September for people to submit handgun licence renewal chits without completing the full number of attendances. 

In working within this SAPOL requirement to maintain a financial membership, the club this week has endorsed that club memberships will be extended while the range is closed. 

How will this work?

We will be sending out renewal and reminder notices as per the normal process each month. So invoices will be sent out for April and May and reminder notices will be sent out for current expired memberships this weekend. 

Membership fees can then be made through the following methods:

    • By credit card over the phone (8289 6918) between the hours of 10am and 4pm. 
    • By EFT payment (Details will be supplied on the invoice, however please make sure you add your surname and membership number to the reference field so that I can find it in the bank statement). 
    • By post (Cheque or money order) sent to GPO Box 2013, Adelaide 5001
    • In person at the canteen (however, we would like to limit this as we can only have 10 people on the property at any one time).

Once payment is made, the secretary will then update the membership within the database to ensure we have a record of each member being financial. However, membership cards will not be sent out yet. Once the range is given the green light to re-open, the new membership cards will be sent out with the revised expiry dates. So if you expired in April and the range was closed for 2 months, then the new expiry will be June 2021 instead of April 2021.

Members that won't expire until the later part of the year and hopefully after the isolation period,  will have their memberships extended over the paused period and membership renewals sent out to match the new expiry date. 

We understand that many members may have lost their jobs or have reduced hours, which may put restrictions on the ability to pay the membership. Please don't feel that you are the only one experiencing this. Just give the secretary a call on 0467 763 716 and we can work through it to help your current situation. 

Licence Renewals and Firearms Purchases (Club Chits)

For members wanting a club chit to renew a licence or purchase a firearm, please contact the secretary or the president and we will do this remotely. 
    • Secretary: / 0467 763 716
    • President: / 0419 805 299
    • John is also available in the canteen. However, give the canteen a call on 8289 6918 first to check avalibility. 

Note: For all section captains, please ensure that your club score books are available at your homes so that shoot attendance records are accessible if requested by the secretary or president for this information. 

 New Membership Application / Training Licence Renewals / SSAA Junior Memberships

New membership applications, training licence renewals or SSAA Junior Membership Renewals can either be posted to GPO Box 2013, Adelaide 5001 or emailed to

Firearms Licence Training 

For members currently going through the process to add category 1 (club use) on to their licence,  this will be put on hold as the next training course scheduled for the 8th of April will be postponed to a later date and the ranges for the practical training component will be unavailable.  We have spoken to SAPOL and all licence applications and variations will be extended beyond the 6 month limit to accommodate this disruption. 

We will update the training dates on the website once range activities resume.

Please contact the club secretary for any other questions or enquires and thank you for working through this with us during these uncertain times.




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