Training - Club Safety and Range Officer Courses

Club Safety Course

Members wishing to complete this course are requested to register their interest in attending by completing an application form (available in the canteen) and leaving it with the canteen attendant. You will need to include a contact phone number or email-address so you can be contacted by SMS or e-mail in the event of any change to plans. 

Normal courses will be held on Wednesday evenings, commencing at 6:00pm sharp every six to eight weeks when demand exists. Group sizes are limited to 18 people. 

Persons seeking to obtain their initial licence through this course or a variation to an existing licence MUST bring their letter from SAPOL authorizing their attendance at the course. To obtain a letter please visit your local police station and ask for a licence application or licence variation form.  

Please read the Para Range Rules on the website or in the front of the program booklet prior to the course. PLEASE BRING A BLACK ballpoint pen and your SAPOL letter where applicable. 

For further details, the SSAA Para Safety Course Trainer can be contacted on 0400152150 or email -

The next Safety Course will be held on the 16 October 2019.

Extra Information for Handgun Shooters 

  • Members who have joined after the 1st of July 2017 and wanting to obtain a handgun licence, MUST also have supplied a copy of a national police clearance to the secretary. If one has already been supplied when joining the club then this requirement is met. 
  • Handgun shooters will also need to complete 6 shoots with one of our pistol sections. Please have a look through the club sections to find one that will suit your interests. 

Safety Course Training Material 


Range Officer Training Material

Please read through the training manual and pre course notes prior to attending the range officer course. 
The registration form will be fill out during the training session. 


The next Full RO Course will be held on the 9 November 2019. Starting at 9:00am

The next Refresher RO Course will be held on the 25 September 2019. Starting at 7:00pm