2018 South Australian Election

2018 South Australian Election




In the lead-up to this year’s state election, the Combined Firearms Council of SA and SSAA South Australia approached all the major political parties for statements about their views on private firearms ownership, sports shooting and recreational hunting in Australia. We have compiled these statements, to provide you with useful information to help you cast your vote.

Educate yourself about the views of each political party and then stick to your guns on Saturday, March 17, to make your vote count.    


Australian Conservatives

Australian Conservatives Position Statement:

“Australian Conservatives recognise the need for a democratic approach to firearms legislation that provides a reasonable balance between the rights of law abiding licensed firearms’ owners, public safety and the need to keep guns out of the hands of criminals.

That is why Australian Conservatives were the only Party to be present at every meeting between the police minister and firearms owners during government negotiations over the new firearms laws and regulations.

We advocated on behalf of the Combined Firearms Council and associated firearms’ organisations when any of the new laws or regulations looked as if they could erode rights yet there was no need to do so from a public interest perspective.

Robert Brokenshire is proud of the association and the representation he has made for over 20 years on behalf of legitimate firearms owners and if re-elected commits to continue that work.”


Australian Labor Party 

Response to SSAA SA

Response to Combined Firearms Council SA 


Liberal Party 

Response to SSAA SA


Liberal Democrats 

Response to SSAA SA

Response to Combined Firearms Council SA


Nick Xenophon's SA Best

Response to SSAA SA


The Greens 

"Thank you for your letter seeking the Greens position on “law and order, particularly where your party stands in relation to the current South Australian Firearms Legislation and firearms ownership generally.”

The Greens position on firearms is fairly straightforward. We acknowledge the need for firearms in many occupational settings, particularly in relation to national security, feral animal control and the humane destruction of injured stock. We oppose recreational duck hunting. In other settings, we support strong legislative controls with the primary objective of ensuring community safety. The appalling situation in the USA as evidenced in Nevada last year and in Florida last week, is one we are determined to avoid here.

Community safety is our number one priority. That means more controls over firearms, not less."

Yours faithfully,
Mark Parnell MLC


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