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2020 December COVID and CHRISTMAS SHOOT UPDATE - 01/12/2020

Range Reopening 

Good news everyone, the range can reopen to shooting activities. For general sighting in and visitors please call the canteen on 82896918 to confirm if range space is available around our programmed matches. 

The range attendance book and QR code have been set up to comply with the new requirements for contact tracing. 

Some of the area capacities have changed. New signs have been installed around the range to inform of the new capacity limits. 

Please remember to wash your hands frequently, clean down benches and surfaces and stay home if unwell. 

Christmas Intersection Shoot

Due to the current Covid restrictions around capacities and sharing communal food we will be postponing the Intersection Shoot on the 6th of December. Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. 

Please contact the secretary if you have any questions. 

Para Council 

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