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Club Re Opening Stage 2

The club is pleased to announce that we will moving to stage two of reopening from the 1st of June 2020. 

Please refer to the opening procedure (Version 2) for the steps required to book in range space for general sighting in, nominate in section match shoots and moving around the range to maintain social distancing. 

Key Points:

1. Range venue capped at 80 people (Excluding canteen staff).

2. Range has been broken up into zones. A maximum of 20 people per zone if social distancing can be applied. Please refer to the opening procedure on the maximum capacities for each range zone as some range zones are capped at numbers below 20. 

3. Visitors and members shooting in section competitions are asked to book in with the section captain prior to shooting a match. Section captains are to register with the canteen the number of bookings received the day before so that total venue capacity is monitored. Please sign out at the canteen after shooting your match. 

4. Competition matches can resume, both indoor and outdoor. However indoor use is capped at a maximum of 2 hours per session. Shoots can be recorded again for handgun attendances. 

5. Visitors are now able to access the range for general sighting in, excluding Sundays or on days when the range zone is at capacity for club competition. 

6. General sighting in by visitors and members can be made in advance when no club matches are on by ringing the canteen. Bookings on the day can be made through the canteen when club matches are on subject to venue capacity and note 5 above. 

7. A Maximum of 2 bookings per person per week for general sighting in. 

8. Shooters and visitors are asked to leave the range immediately after the shooting session and cleaning activities are completed. BBQs and other social gatherings are not to be held on the complex.

9. Safety course training to resume. Please register with the trainer to book in a spot as attending with no booking wont be accepted. 

10. Please refer to the opening procedure for further detail. 

SAPOL have advised they will be conducting random compliance inspections. Individuals who flout the regulations face on the spot fines of up to $1000 and Clubs up to $5000.

If you are unwell and have cold or flu like symptoms, we ask you to stay home and cancel any bookings made. 

We also highly recommend that all our members download the COVID-19 App on their phones. 

For any additional questions or enquiries please contact the club secretary or canteen. 

Para Council

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